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Have you ever felt how different is the day when you start it with a creative spark? Maybe you think, but I am not an artist! In fact, we all are born with natural genuine creativity!
It is human nature to be creative!

Would you like me to help you with this incredible, funny and super exciting journey to start your day as an artist? To start each of your days by switching on the creative gene you have inside you!

Yes, your artist’s gene is inside you!

With small creative funny and absolutely exciting art practices led by me a professional artist with 30 years of experience of art exhibitions and new illustration projects, with escapes from creativity and incredible come-backs, a mum of two!

Let us start your day as an artist and have an incredible morning routine!



Book a discovery call with me ilzeegleart@gmail.com 

About me 

I am an artist and illustrator based in Latvia. I create drawings, prints, paintings, photographs and illustrations.
I draw since I was half a year old. I adore the magic of nuanced shades of gray. And when gray, black and white is too much, I celebrate color.  My art is a way of necessity for me and it comes from where I am emotionally. I have tried to escape from creating art by either going to work from 9 to 5 or curating and organizing art events. Some flights have even lasted for years. I have come back with incredible experience and urge of the soul to create.

Book a discovery call with me ilzeegleart@gmail.com