Winter 2012, 2013
Ficus Rubiginosa is a story of friendship. I worked on these drawings for several months when I lived in Italy. In a convent garden close to my house I found a gorgeous old tree and fell in love with it from the first sight. Ficus rubiginosa is a Latin name for a fig tree. The garden was closed most of the time and I spent hours behind the high metal fence looking at it and talking to it.
And one day I had a dream where I saw it as a woman. And then I remembered Latvian writer Karlis Skalbe, who has a famous novel Forest of Souls. It is the story of a magic forest where all the trees once were human beings. My imagination was carried away and I spent hours and hours trying to discover the soul of my friend Ficus Rubiginosa. But there is more to it – the close-up reveals a little human being sitting at the table with a computer and a tiny lamp.

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