August 2022
Read about my art practice in an interview with Chantal Boynes the Founder of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award. /If the link does not work, please go to the home page and select – Articles – Artist Interviews – Ilze Egle
August 2022
My painting ” The Lightness of Being”, finalist of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award on the cover of Circle Quarterly Art Review Summer Issue
July 2022
Honored and so excited to be among 30 finalists of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award in Melbourne Australia with artists from all around the world
The winning artwork “Lightness of Being”
abstract portrait of a girl

The Lightness of Being, 2022, oil and collage on panel, 125 x 107 cm

June 2022
My solo exhibition ” If I Begged the Sky” at Pilsbergi in Jurkalne, Latvia 22/06/2022 – 11/09/2022
May 2022

Artavita Finalist Award for Art San Diego Show 2022, San Diego USA with three winning artwork

abstract portrait of a girl in green

If I Begged the Sky, 2022, mixed media on panel, 124 x 112 cm

abstract portrait of a girl

The Lightness of Being, 2022, oil and collage on panel, 125 x 107 cm

abstract mixed media painting with representational elements

Eve. Fragile Feelings, 2022, oil and collage on panel, 103 x 125 cm

March 2022
Interview in art magazine Anima Mundi Academia Issue 3
February 2022
On air. Art Mums United podcast episode “Searching for something more”, February 2022… 
November 2021
Painting the Girl and A Cloud got an honorary mention in a juried show devoted to Latvia Independence, which Latvians around the globe celebrate on 18 November!
Meitene un mākonis priecājas un novēl Latvijai dzimšanas dienā daudz laimes! Glezna Meitene un mākonis ieguvusi atzinību konkursa izstādē „JĀ/NEatkarība-2021”, ko sveicot Latviju dzimšanas dienā, rīko Jūrmalas pilsētas muzeja filiāle Bulduru Izstāžu nams sadarbībā ar biedrību „RAD-DAR” un „Latviešu sapnis” jau desmito un pēdējo reizi.
oil portrait of a little girl

Girl And A Cloud, 2021, oil and graphite on panel, 125 x 103 cm

November 2021  

Enjoying great company of artists at WHATEVS, an online art exhibition organized by Art Fluent. Visit the exhibition at

November 2021  

Thrilled to have been selected Artist of the Month by ArtJobs. Visit the link to read more 
Or go directly to :

November 2021

Happy to have been selected for “The 7th Annual Colorful Abstractions Art Exhibition organised by Fusion Art. The organizers have selected two of my abstract paintings Mousse With Milk and Mango In The Jar. Visit the exhibition at: