Artist Statement

Art is more than conveying a story and my creative practice comes from where I am emotionally and how is my relationship with nature. I believe that we are all part of nature and connected. With my artworks, I capture moments and details, which show beautiful fragility of the world. I invite observers to pause, contemplate and be in the given moment, appreciate nature, relationships, and life. To the unhurried eye, the more detailed, intricate levels of my work are revealed, which bring it to a whole new level. With my art I wish to evoke a sense of wonder. I believe that art can make a huge change in the world, and feel blessed for being part of it.



Ilze Egle is a contemporary artist based in Latvia. MA of Fine Arts, member of the Latvian Union of Artists, she works in oil and mixed media with artwork ranging from small illustrations and landscapes to large scale paintings focusing on nature, light, female form and abstract marks. She often incorporates drawing in her paintings. Recently she teaches visual art, experiments with AI and creates NFTs. Her art is between abstract and representational, color and black/white. Ilze grew up in the art world, in a family of two artists, studied fine arts, art management and theology, and spent a year living with nuns. After working as an art curator for many years, she returned to art making and since then her studio practice has become her main focus. Ilze’s paintings have been exhibited internationally, have been included in numerous publications, have held in number of collections and have received several art awards.

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NFT journey

In April 2022 I started my NFT journey and since July 2022 I have minted my first NFTs and several collections. I have sold out my genesis drop on  (ilzeegle.tez) and on ( and since November 2022 I have joined the world’s top artists network Superrare (
I work with XCOLLABZ gallery and a couple of my NFTs are XCOLLABZ featured artist drops. I have several 1/1 NFTs and several small editions NFTs.

I am at the beginning of my NFT journey and I love the challenges it brings to my traditional art practice. Being curios maker all my life I have started my experiments with AI and I can see how this digital culture where new media plays the major part in it changes the perception of art, art education and practice in the whole world.

A very big part of NFTs is the community of artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts making the new art renaissance a reality. I am part of this community as an artist and as an art collector and highly appreciate the inspiration, partnerships, collaborations, and friendships that are born in the NFT community.


Selected shows

  • Online show of Finalists in the 6th Edition of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award, Melbourne, Australia (2022)
  • Solo show If I begged the Sky, Pilsbergi, Jurkalne, Latvia (2022)
  • National juried show JA/Neatkariba, Jurmala, Latvia (Honorary Mention) (2021)
  • International juried show Autumn 2021, Camelback Gallery, Scotsdale, USA (2021)
  • Culture365, (international juried show), Greece (2021)
  • WHATEVS (international juried show) Art Fluent, Massachusetts, USA (2021)
  • Solo show In The Nature (Daba), Laipa Gallery, Valmiera, Latvia (2020)
  • Group show Aizsargmaskas (The Masks), Istaba Gallery, Latvia (2020)
  • Artist in residence and group show Black and White (MelnBalts), Gulbene, Latvia (2020)
  • Group show The Blooming Apples, London, UK (2019)
  • Solo show Dreaming (Sapnot), University Children Hospital (2019)
  • Solo show On the way. South (Cela ar sevi. Dienvidi.) Museum of Adolfs Alunans, Jelgava, Latvia (2019)
  • Solo show Traveller’s notes, Sevilla, Spain (2018)
  • Artist in residece at AIR Gentum, Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Spain (2018)
  • Group show Alchemy 2017, Bending Spoons Gallery, Toronto, Canada (2018)
  • Artist in residence at Alchemy2017, Hillier, Ontario, Canada (2017)
  • Solo show Drawing (Zimet), Istaba Gallery, Riga, Latvia (2017)
  • Group show Bibliomosaico – Artists’ Books and Mosaic Tiles, Ravenna, Italy (2015)
  • Solo show Encounter. Italy Different, National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia (2013)
  • Group show Blue Earth (Zila zeme) and night performance, Museum Night, Riga, Latvia (2012)
  • Group show Edable, nonedable (Edams, needams), Sigulda, Latvia (2011)
  • Group show Artists of Marupite, Museum of poet Ojars Vacietis, Riga, Latvia (1998)
  • Group show Rankas, Academy of Sciences, Riga, Latvia (1996)
  • Solo show Larvikite, Larvik, Norway(1995)
  • Group show of young Latvian artists, Toronto, Canada (1994)
  • Group show, Stalla Gallery, Riga, Latvia (1993)
  • Group show of young Latvian and Australian artists, Brisben, Australia (1993)
  • Group show, Cinema Theatre Riga, Latvia (1990)