April 13, 2017 – ongoing
I spent half a year working on the latest of the drawings from series Childhood Memories – Forget Me Not. There is an incredible spectrum of emotions and countless levels of graphite and charcoal in it.  I started it when a little kitten came to live with me and since then she is with me in my studio. My art practice has undergone many transformations and I never imagined she would participate in everything I do especially at my easel. Amongst other things, I have learned from her how to watch and be present, to play and let go, to be myself. And how to go beyond the known and foreseen.
Series of drawings Childhood Memories is an ongoing project, launched as a therapy for my soul in 2017 when my father passed away. By indulging myself in abstract and free drawing the process of creation became self-directed. I also decided to challenge myself crucially and drew with my left hand. I have to admit  it was physically and mentally very difficult, but the naivete, clumsiness, and directness inherent to this process helped me to get closer to my childhood memories – sky at night full of stars and feeling of happiness and freedom, meadow of dandelions, grass taller than myself little, first fear of death when picking cranberries in a swamp. These drawings reveal the fragile nature of memories.

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