Artist Statement

I draw since I was half a year old. I love hand drawing and drawing with light using photo camera. I adore the magic of nuanced shades of gray. And when gray, black and white is too much for me, I paint.  My art is a way of necessity for me and it comes from where I am emotionally. I have tried to escape from creating art by either going to work from 9 to 5 or by curating and organizing art events. Some flights have even lasted for years. I have come back with incredible experience and urge of the soul to create. My art is a combination of abstraction and investigation of forms in nature. It is in a way spiritual and reveals my environmental, social and spiritual consciousness. I look into small fractions of forms and expose them monumental. By exploring details I reveal the whole universe in a small fragment. More detailed and intricate levels of my work reveal to an unhurried observer, who is bringing it to a whole new level with his observation.

Drawing is a meditative process for me, where I feel most natural and real, where I can dream and search for answers to the most important questions. Associative, subjective, in a way narrative and eternally unfinished nature of drawing is what interests me most. I could say that drawing has chosen me instead of I have chosen it.

When I create an artwork, I have a vision in my head, but then in the process of creation I leave the space for transformation and variations. There is pure beauty in the process of creation. The real artwork obtains its final form while being created and is always a discovery for me. I believe that art makes a huge difference in this world when it comes from heart deep inside.

dzīvē svarīgākais
līva, gustavs un ainārs, siltums un gaisma, zīmuļi, otas, fotoaparāts, papīrs, jūra, priedes, ābeles, melnbalts, oranžs, pelēkie toņi, nesteidzīgi rīti, mūzika, meži, sūnas, viss zaļais telpās, ārā un uz šķīvja, melnās jāņogas, saldējums, olīvas, āboli, pastaigas, pārdaugava, krēslas stunda, putni pirms saullēkta, dārzs, ciguns, mājas. viss mainīgais un skaistais. un reizēm ne tik skaistais, bet izaicinošais. un vēl.